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School Groups

Planning a school excursion or social event? Want to give your students a challenging workout that’s also heaps of fun? Look no further than Melbourne Cable Park!

Health Benefits

Improved wellness and better mental health improved flexibility and coordination developing motor skills building confidence dealing with challenges social skills – opportunity to recognise and accept personal limitations; teamwork; enjoying group activities; having fun.

Cable Park

1.5-hour cable wakeboarding or kneeboarding session. Coaching provided for beginners. Beginner Lake – 2 Tower System – for one-on-one coaching may be available on request.

Cost: $59 per student. Teachers free of charge (weekdays only, excludes school and public holidays).

Price includes all equipment – lifejacket, standard wakeboard or kneeboard and helmet.

Wetsuit rental cost will be waived for school groups (normally $10 per person). A more “advanced wakeboard” (experienced riders only) is available to rent at an additional cost per person.

All participants must have waiver completed. Parents /guardians should sign for students under 18. Participants must watch a safety video before riding on the cable. All participants must be able to swim.

Aqua Fun Park

50 minutes on the water. Cost – $25 per student. Teachers free of charge(weekdays only, excluding school and public holidays) Melbourne Cable Park activity coordinator – $100.00 per session.

Variety of obstacles to build strength, balance and coordination. Slides, ladders, trampoline and barrel of doom. Identical runways for relays and races. We can organise individual and team challenges on the water.
All participants require a waiver – parents or guardians should sign for under 18s All participants must be able to swim. All participants must wear the lifejacket supplied. All participants must attend the safety briefing before entering the water.

Climb Melbourne High Ropes

1-hour session. Cost – $25 per person (weekdays only, excluding school and public holidays).

High-ropes activity with 5 levels of adventure! Fun, challenging, outdoor course. Over 110 graded elements: slack wire, ride the bike, ring the bell. Kids’ Climb (ground-level) course for ages 5 to 9 years (approx).
All participants require a waiver – parents or guardians should sign for under 18s Kids’ Climb suitable for kids measuring 1m to 140cm tall. Urban high-ropes suitable for kids measuring 125cm to 140cm (with an adult). Kids over 140cm may climb unaccompanied. All climbers must wear a harness and attend the safety briefing. Please wear closed-toe shoes (runners) and comfortable clothing.